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  • About Bon Appétit

    Since 1968, the restaurant Bon Appétit has continued to welcome diners into our kitchen for a taste of homey French cuisine.
    Today Bon Appétit continues to combine tradition and innovation, thanks to the enthusiasm Chef Davet Trépanier and his team.

    More than a restaurant, Bon Appétit is an experience where service and ambiance rivals the flavors of the dishes. Discover our kitchen and get a taste of our magic.

  • From the Chef's Table

    Kind words from our lovely guests

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    "The atmosphere , food , wine and service are first class. Waitress are all attentive, knowledgeable and so friendly. Highly recommended!"

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    "You can have very special feeling & delicious taste and private service"

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    "My wife and I were gifted a dinner here on our honeymoon, so it will always be special to us. The service was incredible. The tasting menu with wines was one of the most memorable dinners of my life. "

  • Location

     2ème étage, Tour Eiffel, Avenue Gustave Eiffel, 75000 Paris

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